Raffaele Genovese, piano and compositions

Fabrizio Bosso, trumpet

Stefano D'Anna, soprano and tenor sax

Gioacchino Papa, electric guitar

Marco Panascia, double bass

Marcello Pellitteri, drums and percussions


All compositions: Raffaele Genovese, except 3 by Salvatore Bonafede

Publishing: AlfaMusic Studio (Siae) C&P 2011

Arrangements and production: Raffaele Genovese

Recordings and mix: Sonoria Studio Rec, Scordia (Catania) - Italy

Sound engineer: Vincenzo Cavalli

Mastering: AlfaMusic Studio, Rome - Italy

Sound engineer: Alessandro Guardia

Production supervision: Fabrizio Salvatore

Photos: Filippo Angelone

Graphic design: Marie Joveneau, Ettore Festa, Haunag design

Liner notes: Raffaele Genovese

The creative act always stems from the need to communicate something that is deep down inside. Freeway is thus an introspective journey on the discovery of hidden and remote emotions and feelings. I have worked with passion and rigour on the composition, arrangement and choice of the tracks, trying to capture and highlight those elements that I considered essential to the musical language I was trying to create.
The underlying theme of the work as a whole is the constant presence of two basic elements that characterize my vision of music: the lyricism of melody and the rigour of form.
The realization of my artistic aim and ideal was possible thanks to the precious collaboration of great musicians who were able to put their talents fully at the service of the music.